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My name is Abdullah Al Busaidi. I was born in the mountainous area of Nizwa, about 160 kilometers from the sea and now work as a Senior Skipper for Oman Sail.

As a young boy I once received a postcard with a sailboat on it. I was fascinated! Day and night I dreamed about sailing around the world. It wasn’t until my 23th birthday that I touched the sea for the first time, but when I finally did I knew it was my destiny.

For several more years I prayed to find a way to become a sailor until suddenly, in 2008, Oman Sail was created. Five thousand young Omani’s from all over the country were recruited to join the selection process and after a year of hard work and dedication I was part of the remaining last six.


Stay tuned with Baled Al Salaam Episodes to keep updated on our journey.

"It is my mission to become the first Omani in history to sail solo
across an open Sea."
  • Create international attention
  • Spread His Majesty Vision
  • Promote beauty of Oman
  • Inspire the Omani Youth
  • Personal challenge

Over the last few years I started developing a project that will further reignite Oman’s maritime heritage, inspire our future generations, contribute to social development and be an incredibly effective tourism promotion for our nation.

By undertaking a series of unique sailing challenge I aim to create large scale (inter)national interest that will enable me to achieve the above set goals.The first challenge is set for this summer when I will become the first Omani solo sailor in history by sailing alone across the Arabian Sea to India.

A cinematography team will follow me for the coming months in order to produce twenty two episodes to be broadcasted on Oman National Television and online in seven different languages.

The team will document my preparations and that of my vessel, but also follow me as I show beautiful tourist destinations, our magnificent history and culture.Where we tell the stories of the families that travelled across the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.We will conduct unique and in depth interviews of young and older Omani’s and Indian celebrities to inspire our next generation.Any much much more.

My ship is a 1991 Lagoon 55 sailing catamaran.The first catamaran ever designed by worlds largest catamaran producer; Lagoon.

She is seventeen meters long and has been traveling around the world for the last fourteen years, until the previous owner made his final stop in Oman.

It is in a slightly dated and worn out condition (to be expected from a 1991 vessel that has been sailing around the world) but she is ocean worthy nevertheless.

It is my aim to find enough sponsoring to refurbish her and bring her back to an excellent and beautiful condition. Not only to ensure the highest level of safety and highest chance of success but also because the yacht should represent Oman in the best possible way; high quality, beauty and excellence.


If someone can do it, I can do it,
If nobody can do it, I MUST do it!